Bright Spark

In November last year, BMW announced it was moving production of its mighty eight and twelve cylinder engines from Germany to its plant at Hams Hall near Birmingham. On the face of it, that looks like a big vote of confidence in the British motor industry against the background of the uncertainty generated by Brexit […]

Clarke JSM400 Multi-Purpose Lithium Polymer Jumpstarter

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin If you have vehicles that struggle to start, or you just need a handy source of electricity while away from home, the Clarke JSM400 could be money well spent. Weighing 1.37kg and small enough to fit in a coat pocket or glovebox, it’s able to start […]


Fourth Report   The L200 came to our rescue this month when ‘Elaine Beige’ threatened to leave us in the lurch. ‘Elaine Beige’ is the name of our retro motorhome: an FFB Classic from the early 90s with a 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine. Like many of us, Ms Beige has been in lockdown for most of […]

Skoda Octavia Estate SE-L FIRST EDITION 2.0 TDI

Report 3 While movement has been limited for mere mortals, the Diesel Car Skoda Octavia has been on a little holiday. Like a homesick university student, it was rescued from the wilds of Somerset and returned to the Skoda headquarters in Milton Keynes for a healthy dose of tender loving care. It was all perfectly […]

Paint protection and sealant

If you find yourself looking at a product that seems to have hundreds of competing suppliers, all advertising heavily, then you can be sure that the profit margins are high, as they are with car paint protection products. As a buyer, it’s easy to become confused, and therefore quite vulnerable. Like when buying a new […]

Pioneer VREC-DZ600 dash camera

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin The VREC-DZ600 is the latest dash cam from Pioneer, with a small form factor, helping it fit discreetly and easily inside your vehicle. It has a 1.5-inch screen and rotating camera, so it can record either the road ahead or provide coverage of the cabin. It […]

Alcosense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin According to Alcosense, its Pro model breathalyser brings “near police accuracy into the reach of the consumer”, thanks to its 121mm2 fuel cell sensor, that’s an identical design to its 200mm2 big brother used in several UK, US and European police breathalysers. It also uses a […]

Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin This carnauba wax-based product from British firm Bilt Hamber has a great reputation, thanks to its ability to produce a highly water repellent finish on bodywork that can help stave off dirt for months at a time. It can be applied after a vehicle has been […]

Diamondbrite Winter Kit

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Respected detailing purveyors Diamondbrite have added a Winter Kit to their product list, bundling popular items together with an attractive discount. It includes everything necessary for safe motoring in poor conditions, from a One-Shot Screenwash to a Rainscreen serum that leaves a hydrophobic coating on glass […]

Bentley wooden toy garage

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin For those of us who love cars, there’s something quite special about the world of die cast models. Matchbox brings back memories of plastic car mats with fantasy road layouts, and Hotwheels conjures up images of brightly coloured cars racing down even more brightly coloured tracks. […]