60 second On Test Report 2016 – SEAT Toledo Style 1.6 TDI

Saloon cars are a niche market in the UK to say the least, and small ones even more so. Thatís fine, because despite masquerading as a four-door, the SEAT Toledo is actually a hatchback. Itís identical to the Skoda Rapid

Long Term Report 2016 – Audi A4 S line 3.0 V6 TDI quattro Automatic

Report 9 Inheritance is normally something you hope youíll never receive ñ at least for most of us. However, when a colleague calls you to tell you that heís passing his Audi A4 saloon onto you, you canít help but

Long Term Report 2016 – Kia Optima 3 1.7 CRDi

Final Report Summer was in full, glorious, leafy green flush when the svelte silver Kia Optima saloon arrived to add a bit of sleek elegance to the Diesel Car fleet. Now in mid-winter we are bidding it farewell, and it’s

Long Term Report 2016 – DS 5 Prestige BlueHDi 180 Automatic

Milton Keynes has a lot to answer for. The grid system of roads might have made America great, but it grates with many over here. However, once youíre used to it, and the myriad of roundabouts that the British just

60 second On Test Report 2016 – Suzuki Vitara 1.6 DDiS SZ5 Allgrip TCSS

As the Vitara approaches its second birthday on sale in the UK, weíve managed to get behind the wheel of Suzukiís own homegrown twin-clutch automatic edition that joined the model range last year. Powered by the familiar 1.6-litre engine and

Long Term Report 2016 – DS 5 Prestige BlueHDi 180 Automatic

It’s amazing how a tiny detail can frustrate somebody so much. Iím still irritated by the lack of cupholders in the DS 5, but at least Iím no longer getting angry at the car for having nowhere to safely balance

60 second On Test Report 2016 – Mazda6 Sport Nav 2.2

If we were to tell you that the Mazda6 has undergone a facelift, most people, and even some existing owners, would struggle to tell the difference. Sure thereís a new heated leather steering wheel, and the eagle-eyed may spot the

Long Term Report 2016 – Jaguar XF R-Sport 2.0d Automatic

Report 4 Grubby Grey doesnít have the same ring to it as Rhodium Silver, but thatís been a more accurate description of the XFís appearance of late, rather than the glossy one youíd have found in Jaguarís product brochure. At

60 second On Test Report 2016 – Ford Focus ST-Line 1.5 TDCi

Up until earlier this year, if you wanted a sporty looking Focus with a modest engine, youíd have to opt for Zetec S trim, which didnít exactly set the sales charts ablaze. So, to stimulate some interest in a car

Long Term Report 2016 – Skoda Rapid Spaceback SE Sport 1.4 TDI

Report 5 Just before Christmas 1997, daddy Dredge passed from this world to the next, and most years since then, the Dredge clan has marked the occasion by taking a day out on the anniversary to visit the Elan Valley

Long Term Report 2016 – Peugeot 508 SW GT Line BlueHDi 150

Early darkness, and weíre in winter proper, so Iíve been noticing the headlights, and those of the 508 are good. LED lights (optional on Allure models, but standard on GT Line, GT and RXH) give that intensely white beam that

Long Term Report 2016 – Renault Kadjar Dynamique Nav dCi 110 EDC Automatic

Report 5 So, this is it for the Kadjar and I, and time to let somebody else in the Diesel Car team enjoy the eye-catching LED running lights curving their way into the line of the grille, set against the

60 second On Test Report 2016 – Kia Soul 3 1.6 CRDi

A move to simplify the Soul range has coincided with a number of revisions to the crossover line-up. An uprated 1.6-litre CRDi engine joined the range last year, boasting an extra 8bhp, as well as the introduction of a seven-speed twin-clutch

Long Term Report 2016 – SEAT Ateca SE 1.6 TDI Ecomotive

Some commentators have criticised SEAT for waiting so long to add an SUV to its line-up, and while the firm is certainly late to the party, it has perhaps given them a great opportunity to study the opposition in depth

Long Term Report 2016 – Subaru Outback 2.0D SE Premium Lineartronic

Report 1 Given the popularity of SUVs and crossovers, youíd be forgiven for thinking the off-road estate car was outmoded and out of touch. The reality is anything but, with Mercedes-Benz and Volvo recently unveiling all-new four-wheel drive wagons in