Long Term Report 2017 – Kia Optima Sportswagon GT-Line S 1.7 CRDi Automatic

Report 10 The problem with the Kia Optima this month is that it hasnít been a problem at all. This is good news for the Diesel Car fleet, but bad news when you need something juicy to report on. So

Long Term Report 2017 – Peugeot 3008 Allure BlueHDi 120

Report 5 It’s rare to hear of someone looking forward to shorter, wetter days, but let me be that guy. Despite the 3008ís modest Allure trim, it boasts a generous level of automation. Wipers, lights, handbrake, mirror dipping all do

Long Term Report 2017 – Audi A3 Sportback S line 2.0 TDI

Final Report Goodbye sunshine, you’ll be missed. No, not summer, although that’s now just another fading memory. The sunny mood-enhancer I’m going to really miss is the bright yellow Audi A3 Sportback that has just departed at the end of

Long Term Report 2017 – SEAT Leon ST SE Dynamic Technology 1.6 TDI DSG

Report 4 Would you believe Iíve actually taken the SEAT Leon ST to a famous Swedish furniture store this month? Not just to fulfil a motoring journo trope, I promise. After filling my garage with more and more car cleaning

Long Term Report 2017 – Renault Scenic Dynamique S dCi 130

Report 3 I’ve already mentioned in previous reports that the Scenic (affectionately known as ëBumblebeeí) is full of impressive technology. At the centre of this is an 8.7-inch portrait control panel that makes me feel more like captain of the

Long Term Report 2017 – Mitsubishi ASX 4 1.6 DI-D 4WD

Whoops, the mpg figures I drooled over last month have dropped just south of the 50mpg mark. Not that I donít know why. With the youngest children heading back to school and the oldest off to college, thereís been a

Long Term Report 2017 – Citroën C3 Flair BlueHDi 100

Report 4 There’s something really pleasing about walking up to our Cobalt Blue C3. When the sun is on it, it seems to shine brighter than any surrounding cars, bringing a hint of summer holiday azure seas to the salubrious

Long Term Report 2017 – Mazda CX-5 AWD Sport Nav

First Report The last-generation CX-5 seems to have had a tough time in the letters page recently, so perhaps thereís no better time to be welcoming its replacement to the long-term fleet. Despite some ownersí concerns about the reliability of

60 second On Test Report 2016 – SEAT Ateca FR 2.0 TDI 4Drive

SEAT took its time developing a medium-sized SUV, but weíre pleased that it did, as it has created one of the best in the class. Now the Spanish car maker is flexing its dynamic muscles with the launch of a

Long Term Report 2017 – Skoda Octavia SE L 2.0 TDI

Report 5 The Octavia continues to delight and frustrate, but thankfully not in equal measure. Generally itís brilliant at everything it does, but as explained in the last issue, occasionally it throws a wobbly. No sooner had I submitted my

Long Term Report 2017 – MINI Countryman Cooper D

First Report Just when we thought MINI couldnít stretch the iconic small car any more, along comes the latest and larger Countryman. In fact, it has got so much bigger, that it jumps a sector and is now up against

Long Term Report 2017 – Ford Edge Titanium 2.0 TDCi Automatic

Final Report SUVs are hot property in the car market right now, and every car maker is working like billy-o to fill their line-up with them. Britainís best-selling car maker has had the medium-sized Kuga in its range since 2008,

Long Term Report 2017 – Kia Optima Sportswagon GT-Line S 1.7 CRDi Automatic

Report 9 What’s that cliche about not appreciating what youíve got until itís gone? Well I know exactly how that feels, as I spent five days without my Optima this month. And those days without my faithful companion were tough.

60 second On Test Report 2016 – Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Dynamic Luxury 2.0 TD4 4WD

We couldn’t produce an off-road special issue without including a Land Rover, and the Discovery Sport is the companyís second-best seller, marginally behind the popular Range Rover Evoque. Launched to much acclaim in 2014, itís the first time that weíve

Long Term Report 2017 – Ford Edge Titanium 2.0 TDCi Automatic

Report 10 There’s been a flurry of new entrants into the large SUV sector, with Skodaís Kodiaq one of the most high-profile additions. Thereís also the Renault Koleos, the revised Nissan X-Trail and the second-generation Volvo XC60, and at the