Tirelessly testing tyres

Safety is something that always features high on the wish-list when splashing out on a new car, but when it comes to maintenance and regular checks, we Brits tend to fall woefully short of the mark. For example, tyres are the only part of a car that is constantly in touch with the road surface, […]

The self-cleaning car is almost here

The list of mind-numbing chores associated with car ownership can be limitless – there’s checking the tyre pressures, oil levels and filling the screenwash compartment, but possibly the most tiresome of the lot is cleaning the car.

Doctor Diesel on four-wheel-drive systems and off-roading

It’s easy to get confused by the range of different four-wheel-drive and off-roading options on offer right now. Our resident expert, Doctor Diesel, takes a look at the different technology employed underneath today’s all-wheel-drive vehicles.

KERS on the Road

KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) came to many motorists attention when it was allowed in F1 racing in 2009, can it really be adapted for everyday driving?
Phil Thane reports.

25 Years of TDI

Believe it or not, it’s a quarter of a century since those iconic initials TDI first appeared on an Audi badged car. 25 years ago, at the Frankfurt motor show, the German firm took the wraps off the Audi 100 2.5 TDI, the first time that the company had produced a turbo diesel engine with […]

Tuning for performance & economy

Advice on tuning your car for extra performance or fuel economy, or even both, is one of the most hotly discussed topics at Diesel Car Towers thanks to a steady flow of reader enquiries and questions. Here we ask Doctor Diesel to answer all of the most important questions that are on the tip of our reader’s tongues, and many more that they wish they hadn’t.

Feature: Off on a MINI adventure

As MINI continues its winning streak in the Fia Cross Country Rally World Cup with its Diesel Countryman, we catch up with the racing team to drive mini’s desert racer.

Feature: Monte Carlo and back on a tank

It should have been a big event. The launch of a brand new British sports car, hailed by its makers as the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sports car, deserved an auspicious send-off to celebrate its readiness for ‘global availability’.

Fracking for Diesel?

Energy companies in the US, backed by research grants from their government, have been developing fracking (hydraulic fracturing) as a means of releasing gas and oil from shale rock for around 20 years.