Skoda Octavia Estate SE-L FIRST EDITION 2.0 TDI

Report 3 While movement has been limited for mere mortals, the Diesel Car Skoda Octavia has been on a little holiday. Like a homesick university student, it was rescued from the wilds of Somerset and returned to the Skoda headquarters in Milton Keynes for a healthy dose of tender loving care. It was all perfectly […]


Report 2   When the Skoda Superb left the Diesel Car fleet, I spoke of the build quality of its interior and reliability. However, the Superb’s replacement is proving a somewhat less bulletproof proposition. It’s not that the Octavia has broken down or gone into limp mode, like the Peugeot 508 we ran last year […]

Skoda Octavia Estate SE-L FIRST EDITION 2.0 TDI

First Report   When you’re renovating your house, a roomy estate car is pretty much ideal. That’s why I had mixed feelings when I handed over the keys to the enormous Skoda Superb and replaced it with the slightly smaller Octavia. Still, with a 640-litre boot to play with, it isn’t like I’ve replaced an […]

Bright Spark

If there’s one thing every motoring journalist dreads, it’s a request from a family member, friend or casual acquaintance for specific car buying advice. If things go wrong, you can be on the hook for a long time.   For years, I negotiated this particular minefield by telling people to get a Skoda Octavia. How […]

New tech for 2017 Skoda Octavia Scout

The Skoda Octavia Scout has been updated for 2017, with an interior and exterior makeover, the latest in-car technology and a new suite of driver assistance features. The robust all-rounder has a distinctive off-road look, innovative four-wheel drive and increased versatility both on and off the road. The comprehensively reworked Scout bears the same front […]

Skoda Octavia vRS gets a new look

The Skoda Octavia vRS has been given a refreshed design, updated infotainment system and a host of advanced driver assistance features for 2017. The new front section with a wider radiator grille, which has been extended with additional headlamps featuring a crystalline look, and the even wider air intakes with honeycomb structure in the redesigned […]

Frying tonight!

I hope that this message gets to you, as a somewhat belated reply to your response to my enquiry about using biodiesel, back in September 2010! I have been running several Skodas over the years since, and my current car is a 2010 Octavia Scout 2.0 TDI. I’m still making biodiesel from used chip oil, […]

Fleet duty for Skoda with ECG

One of the UK’s leading facilities management companies, ECG Facilities Services, has become the latest business to choose ŠKODA for its fleet by ordering a total of 51 Octavias and Superbs.