The Time Tunnel: August 1995

The Diesel Car time machine warms up once again, this time to whisk us back to August 1995. Time circuits on…

RAV4 revised and readied for 2014

It’s 20 years since Toyota RAV4 created a whole new motoring market with the launch of RAV4, the original compact recreational SUV.

Top 3 Toyota RAV4s

Launched at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show, the Toyota RAV4 turned 20 this week.

Rav4 turns 20

The 1994 Geneva motor show marked the arrival of a new kind of vehicle, one that would transform the global car market.

Electric Toyota RAV4 revealed at LA car show

The Toyota ‘RAV4 EV’ concept, an electric vehicle jointly developed with Tesla, has made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. A total of 35 vehicles will be built for a demonstration and evaluation program through 2011, with the introduction of a final production model in the US in 2012. The final production vehicle will have a target range of 100 miles in actual road driving patterns, in a wide range of climates and conditions.