Warts and all

Very early in my career, as a junior reporter on a local newspaper, I was lectured by my then news editor about precisely who I served. My responsibility, he said sternly, was to honestly inform my readers, while writing skillfully enough to please my newspaper bosses – principally him! – and not to concern myself […]

Don’t let your canine put you in the dog house

Temperatures are plummeting, and rather than walk to the shops, itís much easier (and warmer) to simply jump in the car. If youíre a dog owner, is it a good idea to take them along for the journey with you?  Dogs, like their human best friend, are accustomed to having a seat in the car, […]

Life In The Rough

Since its demise at the start of this year, the Land Rover Defender  has become seriously hot property. But few owners seem keen to keep things original,  and if you want to  invest in upgrades, the sky is the limit…   It’s funny how things evolve. When Land Rover launched the Series 1   soon after World War II, it was […]

Bubble Trouble…

Dear Doc, you’ve long been bemoaning the removal of protective bodyside mouldings by car manufacturers in your column for quite some years, so I just wanted to hear your thoughts about the Citroën C4 Cactus, which seems to almost make up for all of the other cars not having them, all wrapped up in one […]

2004 Range Rover Td6 Vogue

Chris Dunn loves his cars; heís an enthusiast through and through. Over the years heís bought and sold cars, restored them, raced them, and as a result heís often needed to trailer them from one place to another. As such, a capable tow car has been a necessity for Chris, and having invested in one […]

Bring Back: The Rover 400 Tourer

When Rover’s 400 series arrived in 1990 it was a delicate cocktail – a heavy dash of Japanese design, a splash of French mechanicals, all bound together by some top-notch British build quality.

Bring back the : Rover SD1

Believe it or not it’s been almost ten years since the last Rover made its way off the production line, the name joining so many extinct British marques when MG Rover collapsed in 2005.

Bring Back: The Quarterlight window

This week we’re calling for the return of a particular feature, rather than a complete car itself. We say bring back the quarterlight window!