Speed awareness

Hi Doc,    Just to cover something different. There’s a main road into the village in which I live which was once the only road, but there is now a by-pass. The local police do some speed checks in the village, once a week or thereabouts, normally in two different places ñ this one, and […]

Was it my fault?

Q I’m a fairly new driver ñ I passed my test a year ago ñ and was recently involved in an incident which Iíd like advice on. A few weeks ago, I was driving through a built-up area of Stockport, along a four-lane road with a 30mph speed limit, in the right-hand lane. Thereís no central […]

Speed detection and penalties

Q I was driving along a dual carriageway within the legal speed limit, at 60mph, and was signalled to stop by a policeman. He advised me that his speed detection device had recorded me travelling at 84mph, but it wasn’t me. I believe that the speed was captured from the car that was overtaking me – […]

Dear Bill

This month Doctor Diesel has a question of his own for veteran HGV driver, Bill Shepherd.