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KERS on the Road

KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) came to many motorists attention when it was allowed in F1 racing in 2009, can it really be adapted for everyday driving?
Phil Thane reports.

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Diesel Car – Issue 386 – March 2019

It’s fair to say that diesel power has come in for some criticism of late, and while some of what is being said is true for old diesels, the latest cars are cleaner and greener than ever before, and in many cases produce lower levels of pollutants than petrol cars. Mis-information and poor understanding of the complicated diesel subject has led to over-dramatisation and sometimes panic. But hey, in the case of the nationals and some eco-factions, why let the facts get in the way of a sensationalist story. In this month’s issue, we explain why new diesel is the future and what lengths the car makers are going to, to engineer the fuel to exceed the regulations. We explain the differences between Euro-6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 regulations, NEDC and WLTP emissions testing, and also have a helpful section on AdBlue.

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Car Hacking… really?

The subject of car hacking has been hitting the headlines, but how much of a danger is it really? Phil Thane investigates.   Both the

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Diesel Car – Issue 359 – February 2017

With pockets heavily damaged after the seasonal festivities, you may have itchy feet and be looking to change your car, but can’t quite afford a brand new one. Perfectly timed, Diesel Car presents its 2017 Used Car of the Year awards, naming the best second-hand buys in eight key categories. Which car is crowned Used Car of the Year? Will it be a surprise? To find out, you’ll have to buy the February 2017 issue as we reveal all.

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Fracking for Diesel?

Energy companies in the US, backed by research grants from their government, have been developing fracking (hydraulic fracturing) as a means of releasing gas and oil from shale rock for around 20 years.

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Doctor Diesel


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