Inadvertent non-renewal of insurance

I have been stopped by the Police for driving with no insurance. I recently changed bank accounts using the switching scheme and the new bank didn’t set up all of the direct debits correctly as they should have done. Therefore the payment wasn’t made to my insurance company and they cancelled my insurance. They say they wrote to me at the time, but I didn’t receive the letter, otherwise I would have taken action. I wasn’t aware of the problem and the bank has confirmed to me in writing that it is their fault. Will I still be prosecuted for no insurance, seeing as it wasn’t my fault?

Driving whilst disqualified

Q I’m only 20 and bought my first car earlier this year, a Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi. I was recently stopped by the Police because I forgot to put my lights on, and they also checked over my car. They found a tuning box attached to the engine, something that I wasn’t aware was on […]

Driving whilst disqualified

Question I was banned from driving for six months as a result of totting up, and stupidly got into a car and drove while still being banned. What is the likely sentence and is there a possibility that I could go to prison?   Answer If you were to be convicted of this offence, you […]

Legal i

Question Does a school crossing patrol attendant have to wear a uniform and, if so, what is the uniform? If I am prosecuted for failing to stop for a school crossing patrol, am I guilty if the attendant was not wearing a uniform? Also, can these patrols operate only in school hours? My local school […]

Driving with diabetes

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor has advised that I should notify the DVLA, but I am worried that I might lose my driving licence.

Legal eye!

We explore the legal requirements about how good a driver’s eyesight has to be.

Sleeping in my car

If I drive to a party, but decide that due to the amount of alcohol consumed I should not drive, is it legal for me to sleep in the car?