Delays to justice

The pandemic has had a huge impact on us all over the last 12 months and the courts have been no exception. How criminal cases are funded over the last few years resulted in significant backlogs for the court to deal with, and this has been exacerbated by the pandemic with the backlog now reaching […]

E-Scooter your way to a penalty

E-scooters seem to be the new gadget of choice recently, with Halfords recently claiming that sales had increased by 450 per cent. This is of little surprise given that the pandemic has forced and encouraged people to consider other modes of transportation, particularly in large cities such as London. I regularly see users of all […]

Too much of a merry Christmas

Despite 2020 largely being a write off for most of us with regard to our social plans, we can always (at least hopefully) still look forward to Christmas. Like many, I am optimistic that the current lockdown will end prior to the festive season getting into full swing. It would be fantastic if there was […]

Quintessentially British laws

In celebrating all that is British, I struggled to think how I could tie the theme in with a road traffic, legal slant. Eventually, I decided to look at some of the UK driving laws that could (admittedly, at a stretch) be considered quintessentially British. So with that in mind…   Middle lane hogging   […]

What to do if you are convicted in your absence…

You may be surprised to know that it is common for motorists to be convicted of offences without them going to court and sometimes even without their knowledge. The motivation behind this piece is that I have recently been trying to help a client who committed a minor speeding offence. He sent the NIP (Notice […]

How lockdown has been affecting our roads

At the time of writing, we were being allowed to drive for leisure and work purposes, so here are some hints and tips as we ease ourselves back into the driving seat, and onto the roads.   Plan your journey   This is the ultimate point that we cannot stress enough. A significant portion of […]

Vehicle stopped for driving without a front tyre

Police have previously stopped a motorist for driving a car with its front tyre completely missing. There was no front panel on the driver’s side, with what appeared to be leads or cables trailing along the road behind it.     Officers stopped the vehicle in Pembrokeshire, and it was confirmed that the vehicle had […]

Legal Eye

At Motoring Defence Solicitors, we receive countless enquiries about speeding and the associated penalties. Many believe that speeding offences can always be dealt with outside of court, so when a summons arrives through the letterbox, they have questions. The aim of this guide is to ensure that whatever speeding offence you may have committed, you […]

In the mail offences

For a feature about road traffic law, you might be wondering how a motorist can commit an offence relating to a post box, so the title is probably a bit confusing. What we’re referring to here are offences where proceedings are instigated by a posted notice. Many motorists will be aware of these already, but […]

New EU Drink Driving Proposals

 In a landmark decision from the European Council, they ruled that from 2022, all new cars must be fitted with breathalysers. The idea is that a motorist would have to satisfy a breath test before they can start the engine. This is the technology that was approved in March, but has now been formally signed […]