Ich bin Frankfurter

If you’re off to Europe’s biggest motor show, it pays to know how to blend in.

Surface tension

Simon Hacker looks at the growing movement for shared space – and asks whether it’s time for us to go “naked”.

COTY down the years

Speaking of Car of the Year awards, or COTY for short, Simon Hacker takes a cynical look at Europe’s auto gong, and asks how far COTY is a male coterie.

How to spot no-go concept cars

Motor shows are packed with concept cars, but are they just a bunch of shiny empty promises? Simon Hacker warns against anyone who claims they’ve re-invented the wheel

When DieselCar turns 50…

So that’s the first 25 years out of the way, but what sort of world will this magazine exist in come its 50th celebration? Simon Hacker reproduces a time-warped report from 2038

Jeerbox: March

Some drivers will steer clear of the new 13 plate. Simon Hacker says that’s daft, but people that fear numbers are not alone…