The Big Question, again…

Dear Doc,   I have just trawled through the data pages of the August edition (issue 391) with the noble intention of possibly identifying an electric medium-sized SUV which would meet our present driving needs, which include two annual six week trips to Germany. I even looked at the baby SUVs and smaller cars, but […]

Deep sigh of satisfaction

Dear Doc, With regard to my Qashqai (Issue 390) noise problems and the back axle replacement, the garage has now replaced it and this apparently also cured the persistent rattle. As for the hissing noise, that has also disappeared, but whether it was linked to the axle problem, or whether it’s a cold/warm weather issue, […]

Weighty Question

Dear Doctor   Re: Modern vehicles and their specified towing weights: Would you please explain the relationship between vehicle kerb weight and trailer gross weight? It would seem the Caravan Club’s advice of 85 per cent for trailer weight against towing vehicle weight is no longer valid in the modern vehicle manufacturers’ world. Your data […]

Whatever happened to…?

Hello Doctor! Going back some two-to-three years, I seem to recall that you wrote about a seemingly clever mild hybrid system that had been developed by Peugeot, using compressed air as the energy reservoir, in place of a battery, and thus employing a lot less technology than something with a lithium-ion battery and all the […]

Rich Mixture?

If I poke a couple of fingers up my (Euro-6) Mazda’s tailpipe and wiggle them around (donít worry, itís not habit-forming) they emerge unsullied; do the same trick with a similarly-modern petrol vehicle, and I get sooty fingers! Do you think this says anything more general about relative levels of carbon particulate emissions in the […]

Added benefits?

Dear Doc,    I own a Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI (138bhp) with the Euro-5 engine which, although it is now just over five years old, has only covered just over 34,000 miles. We very rarely use it for journeys of less than around five miles, and most of the miles have been clocked up on […]

Lights Out

  Hi Doc,   I have now discovered for sure that my Focus has a 2.0-litre TDCi Mondeo Engine, 2007 to 2012. I think I told you that I had suspected it was not the original engine, and I suppose I should have guessed that before now! So I have gone and bought a Mondeo […]

China Crisis?

Hello Doc,   Any thoughts about the truth of these stories I keep reading that electric cars use lithium metal and cobalt in the batteries and motors, and other apparently rare elements in the drive motors, with long-term availability of both being very much in control of China and Russia? Is this true, and how […]

Comfortable SEAT

Hello Doc, I bought my ex-Motability SEAT Altea XL 1.6 TDI DSG auto first registered in August 2011, in late July 2014, with under 13,000 miles on the clock. It came from car hypermarket Fords of Winsford, in Cheshire, complete with new MOT certificate, and they changed the number plate to my personal number. We […]

Knock Knock, who’s there? Rich Oil Companies!

Hello Doctor.      I couldn’t help but think of you when I read a letter in the ìHonest Johnî letters column in last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph. Someone wrote in asking about the benefits of using premium petrol in his BMW 535i, and was told that premium petrol would give him up to 10 per […]