Stopping and reporting an accident

It is probably one of a motorist’s worst fears, particularly if you are a new driver, to be involved in an accident. When it happens, panic often sets in and many motorists are not aware of exactly what is required of them. This can often lead to chaos and confusion and in that instance, your […]

Driving abroad post-Brexit

With Brexit looming, motorists should be aware that the rules for exchanging UK driving licences will change, if or when the UK leaves the EU. UK licence holders living in the EU, EEA or Switzerland If you’re a resident in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA), you should exchange your UK licence […]

Legal i – Accidents involving animals

Who doesn’t love animals? The last few years have witnessed somewhat of a rise in “pet-culture” especially when it comes to dogs. You can take your canine friend into countless venues across the country, and you are probably never too far away from a cat café or similar establishment where you can socialise with some […]


At Motoring Defence Solicitors, we provide free advice to help any motorist who find themselves in a quandary. Below are some frequently asked questions that you might find useful for future reference.   If I am stopped by a police officer for speeding, but give him a slightly incorrect address so the summons doesn’t reach […]

Don’t get caught out

Motorists are at greater risk of committing offences unknowingly compared with pedestrians. The moment you get into your vehicle, you are immediately subject to hundreds of laws. Rather than let you get caught out, below are some common scenarios that may lead to criminal charges. Alcohol Everybody knows that drink driving is an offence but, […]

How many can I have before driving?

Summer is approaching and with it comes a host of social and sporting events during which we typically find the number of motorists charged with offences increases. It becomes harder to resist that “one pint after work” when you walk outside to blazing sunshine and the overall mood is far more joyous than on a […]

When Can You Use Your Phone Whilst Driving?

Using your mobile telephone whilst driving has long been a subject open to argument and debate. As more road traffic incidents (particularly those involving a fatality) were reported in the media, the social response rose accordingly, and heavier penalties were introduced to help deter would be offenders and placate the public who often viewed sentences […]

Save a life, become a criminal?

As law abiding citizens, most of us probably don’t even think about breaking the law. Occasionally however, extraordinary circumstances take hold and alter our usual behaviour. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were in a life or death situation and you felt like you needed to break the law for once?  Would […]

Pretty risky or a close shave – the potential price of vanity

We have all had mornings that could have gone a little bit smoother. We wake up 20 minutes after our alarm went off, before launching out of bed to embark upon a record-setting dash around the house to get out of the front door on time. This is stressful enough, without factoring getting children ready, […]

Don’t let your canine put you in the dog house

Temperatures are plummeting, and rather than walk to the shops, itís much easier (and warmer) to simply jump in the car. If youíre a dog owner, is it a good idea to take them along for the journey with you?  Dogs, like their human best friend, are accustomed to having a seat in the car, […]