Bad commercial break?

Have you noticed that there seems to be a standard template for television car adverts these days? Nobody over thirty is featured, and the airbrushed twenty somethings who do appear have apparently been kidnapped from the nearest modelling agency. They all have razor sharp cheekbones, nobody is fat, and everyone is either skipping or walking […]

Exhausting experience

It was the night before the most recent lockdown when my exhaust pipe snapped. “There were sparks coming out from under your car,” said a passing cyclist. The car, a 56 plate Honda Jazz, is neither diesel nor hybrid powered, but what followed could have happened to ones that were, so bear with me.   […]

A rank experience?

I wanted to tell him to get lost, but he was managing it all on his own. He had thick, bottle glasses and an ageing Volkswagen T5 minibus with seat trim weave worn smooth by the backsides of hundreds of punters. This was my latest minicab ride and the T5’s pilot was taking me to […]