Mon ami

On sale now in France, is this cute and fun quadricycle that can be rented each month for a similar price as a mobile phone contract. Citroën is evaluating the Ami for the UK, and Ian Robertson got behind the wheel to check it out for size.   It looks like it’s escaped from Alton […]

Nissan Re-Leaf gets emergency power into disaster zones

Natural disasters are on the rise globally, and when they strike, power outages often follow, hampering rescue efforts and plunging residents into disarray. A 2019 report from the World Bank found that natural shocks and climate change caused around 37 per cent of the power cuts in Europe from 2007 to 2017 and 44 per […]

Volvo caring for its customers

Do you love the cachet of driving a brand-new car, but hate the idea of long-term commitment? Volvo has the answer with its new hassle-free Care by Volvo scheme.   The whole process of owning a car can be daunting. There’s the upfront expense, the fees for insurance, tax and maintenance, but most of all, […]

Changing your tune: Should you remap or get a tuning box?

There was a time when tuning was the preserve of louts in modified Saxos, cruising around industrial areas to the beat of drum and bass. Now, though, tuning has become more mainstream, with the ability to improve not just performance, but also cut fuel consumption. You can even get tuning set-ups that prioritise torque, power […]

Does power corrupt?

  If you’ve ever considered getting your car tuned, you will probably have seen a wealth of companies offering “reliable” upgrades that promise the world. But the world of tuning can be a minefield, and it’s recommended that you enter the world with your eyes wide open.   One of the most common questions is […]

Who buys private number plates?

Personalised Number plates have long been purchased by people from all walks of life, since now there is something affordable for almost everyone irrespective of their income.   Of course some very short plates like 1 GO, 1 DR,  8 JW or single digit single letter plates like  P 2 or 4 B would only […]

Crash damaged electric vehicles

We tend not to think too much about car crashes until we’re unlucky enough to be involved in one. If it’s serious, a panoply of public and private services swing into action, particularly the fire and ambulance services if anyone needs rescuing or treatment. The police will take statements and collect evidence, recovery specialists will […]

How not to clean your car

There are plenty of helpful guides to assist in cleaning your car, but what are the don’ts. Read on to find out the serious offences against paintwork.   You’ve probably read numerous articles packed with tips for cleaning your car, but what about the things you really shouldnít do? We thought it was about time […]

Why it might be time to dig out your old steering wheel lock

You might think that, in this age of alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices, the humble steering wheel lock is like a relic from motoring of days gone by. But youíd be wrong, because sales of the devices doubled in 2017, as motorists took an old-school approach to solve a very modern problem.   After years […]