AA pressure sees Florida law repealed

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1293269_601255781The AA has (03 April) learned that The Governor of Florida has responded to pressure from the AA and other travel organisations by repealing the law requiring all drivers from outside the USA, to hold an International Driving Permit (IDP).

This law came to light in February when an AA Travel customer was refused a hire car because he didn’t hold an IDP.  It transpired that the law had been quietly introduced by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) on 1st January and even the AA’s equivalent in the USA, the AAA, was unaware of it until the AA brought it to their attention.

Rosie Sanderson, head of AA International Travel said: “This is welcome news.  It was an ill-considered piece of legislation that was primarily aimed at holders of foreign language driving licences and it caused considerable confusion within the lucrative fly-drive market in Florida.

“There was yet more confusion when the Florida authorities said that the law would not be enforced, but uncertainty led to some car hire firms demanding an IDP and others not.

“I’m very relieved that repeal of the law means that it is no longer a compulsory requirement by the State of Florida for UK licence holders to hold an International Driving Permit.”

Nevertheless, Rosie Sanderson cautioned: “Car hire companies and insurance companies can still impose their own terms and conditions and I certainly advise that travellers check with their intended car provider prior to travel or obtain the IDP as a precautionary measure.”

An IDP can be obtained direct from some Post Offices over the counter or by applying to the AA.



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