Aiways unveils U6ion electric crossover coupe concept

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Aiways, the Shanghai-based personal mobility provider, has lifted the covers on its U6ion electric crossover coupe concept. The concept arrives just ahead of Aiways’ European launch. The U6ion’s sibling, the U5 all-electric SUV, will be available in some European markets from August this year. The two share Aiways’ MAS (More Adaptable Structure) platform, a system that supports high-range electric vehicles to suit a variety of lifestyles, functions and configurations. Aiways says the U6ion capitalises on the relatively low weight of the MAS platform, combining it with a light motor, battery pack and interior to further improve vehicle range.

The U6ion’s design is the work of Ken Okuyama, Aiways’ Chief Advisor for Design and Arts. The team worked to create a design language that embodied ‘intelligent and simplified technology’.

Alex Klose, EVP of Overseas Markets at Aiways, commented: “The Aiways design team is building upon the success of the U5. Intended for youthful, environmentally-conscious buyers, the U6ion concept represents a sportier and more characterful expression of the Aiways philosophy. Options remain limited in the all-electric SUV market and we are aiming to meet the needs of young people with a vehicle that suits their lifestyle.”

Technology focus
Much like the U5, the U6ion boasts a host of advanced features, from an integrated AI voice assistant to innovative driver aids.

Aiways says its engineers’ see the implementation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as essential to safety. The U6ion utilizes all of the ADAS and assistance systems of the U5 including Auto Emergency Brake (AEB), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Intelligent High Beam Control (IHBC), Lane Keeping System (LKS), driver fatigue detection, and more.

Winter Wang, Chief Technical Officer, explained: “Incorporating advanced safety and convenience systems into our vehicles was a priority from the beginning. These features are particularly appreciated by European customers. I am proud to say that the U6ion has a feature lists to rival the most forward-thinking and pioneering automotive brands in the world. It brings these technologies together in a sporty design that will resonate with a youthful and active audience.”

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