DieselCar Christmas countdown – 11 – Jaguar F-Pace

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With the festive season fast approaching, each day we count down our favourite cars on sale today.


Remember how Cayenne sales bolstered the Porsche brand? Well, the F-Pace SUV has already become Jaguar’s fastest selling model, and its success is well deserved. The F-Pace takes SUV styling to another level, and it handles more like a sports car than a mud-plugger. The first Jaguar off-roader is comfortable too, effortlessly shrugging off motorway miles. And thanks to sharing technology with Land Rover, its more capable off-road than a lot of its competitors, even if most customers won’t see anything more demanding than a muddy grass verge outside their kids’ school.

Key facts

Price £34,730 to £55,335
Trim levels Prestige, Portfolio, R-Sport, R-Sport Black Edition, S, S Black Edition
Engines 2.0 (161bhp), 2.0 (177bhp), 2.0 Diesel (237bhp), 3.0 (296bhp)
CO2 emissions 126 to 159g/km
Combined fuel economy 47.1 to 59.2mpg




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