DieselCar Christmas countdown – 4 – Jaguar XF

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With the festive season fast approaching, each day we count down our favourite cars on sale today.


It’s fair to say Jaguar knows a thing or two about building luxury saloon cars, and the XF shows the brand it as the very top of its game. Addressing just about every criticism of the old car, the new model is more spacious in the back and costs less to run. In fact, its 70mpg puts it near the top of the pack for economy. With a rear-wheel-drive chassis (with the option of four-wheel-drive) the XF has sublime road manners, with great handling which never comes at the cost of comfort. Its our favourite executive car bar none.

Key facts

Price £32,490 to £59,040
Trim levels Prestige, Portfolio, R-Design, R-Design Black Edition, S, First Edition
Engines 2.0 (161bhp), 2.0 (177bhp), 2.0 (237bhp), 3.0 (296bhp)
CO2 emissions 104 to 154g/km
Combined fuel economy 47.9 to 70.6mpg


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