Good game! Yorkshire gamekeeper bags an L200

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MATTHEWSHARPLES1A Yorkshire gamekeeper has driven off in a brand new Mitsubishi pick-up after winning a national prize.

Matthew Sharples scooped a top-of-the-range L200 Barbarian following his team’s success in the Mitsubishi Motors Estate Challenge at this year’s CLA Game Fair, held at Harewood House near Leeds.

Sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, the competition was open to any country estate to showcase their team of gamekeepers and picker-uppers with gundogs of any variety.

Eight teams across the UK competed, with the shoot from Upsall Castle and Kirby Knowle estates in North Yorkshire taking the top spot.

Headkeeper Matthew Sharples and underkeeper Will Benson won the shooting element of the challenge, before Paul Stogdon and Glynn Sykes triumphed the picking-up element with their Labradors.

Matthew picked up the L200 – named the Auto Express Pick-up Truck of the Year for 2015 – from the award-winning Luscombe Mitsubishi in Low Road, Leeds, and will keep it for a year.

“It’s a great prize for us,” said Matthew. “The L200 is so robust it will easily help us get around the tough terrain of the estate. At the same time, the ride is extremely comfortable and it’s also packed full of luxuries and technology. As head gamekeeper I’ll be the main person using the L200 around the estate, but I’ll let the rest of the team have a go as well.”

Matthew also praised Mitsubishi Motors in the UK for its commitment to the countryside.

He added: “It’s fantastic to have Mitsubishi’s support. If it wasn’t for Mitsubishi some countryside events wouldn’t happen.”

The L200 delivers an incomparable pick-up package, offering strength, reliability and versatility. The award-winning pick-up is the perfect companion and is as happy climbing a mountain as it is cruising along a motorway.

It continues to perform well with calendar year sales through August 2015 up by 30 per cent.

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