Hybrid tech for the all-new Renault Captur

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A pioneer of the small SUV market, the Captur has sold 1.2 million units since its launch in 2013. Now Renault has launched an all-new Captur, one of the key models in the company’s Drive the Future plan for 2017-2022. The new Captur will be sold in every continent and will also be manufactured in China, a key market for Renault.

The new Captur is important technologically, as it meets the three pillars of the mobility of the future as presented in the strategic plan, which are as follows:

  • Electric-powered: by the end of the plan, Renault will have 12 electric models in its range, and the All-New Captur will be the first Renault model to benefit from the E-TECH Plug-in hybrid engine.
  • Connected: at the end of the plan, 100 percent of vehicles in the company’s key markets will feature connected systems. The All-New Captur perfectly illustrates this dynamic with its new connected multimedia system and the Renault EASY CONNECT platform .
  • Autonomy: by 2022 Renault will be marketing 15 models equipped with some form of autonomous driving technology. The All-New Captur will be one of the pioneers, joining All-New Clio in delivering autonomous driving technologies to B-segment models.

The new Captur is underpinned by the CMF-B platform, which also forms the basis of the latest Clio. Designed from the outset to accommodate an electric powertrain and the latest electronic architecture it offers the possibility to integrate new technologies that meet the market’s needs.

Customisation is key with all-new Captur
The Captur has always been recognised for its customisation options – and the new model goes even further with a greater variety of options and new colours inside and out.

Externally the trademark two-tone bodywork treatment remains at the heart of the new Captur’s look. In addition to the range of 11 bodywork colours there are also five options at launch for the roof and door mirrors – Midnight Black, Desert Orange, Highland Grey and Alabaster White.

Further customisation of the All-New Captur extends to a choice of three colours for the front and rear skid plates and the lower door protectors, with Highland Grey, Alabaster White and Atacama Orange all available.

In total, the All-New Captur will offer no fewer than 90 colour combinations, allowing owners the ability to create a car to suit their own tastes.

The interior of the All-New Captur can also be customised with coloured with a choice of seven different combination. The Caramel, Blue, Red and Turquoise packs embellish the air vents and the base of the gear lever, while the Light Grey and Orange packs feature inserts for the inner doors, dashboard and upholstery

All in the All-New Captur will offer no fewer than 18 interior colour configurations. And that’s in addition to them eight ambient lighting colours for the inner doors and the base of the flying centre console, all selected via the MULTI-SENSE system settings.

New engines, plug-in capability and CMF-B
The new Captur comes with a wider range of redesigned petrol and diesel engines, plus the addition of a E-TECH plug-in hybrid. Joining the range in 2020, this powertrain is a first for Renault.

The new Captur will become the first model in its class to be offered with a plug-in hybrid engine. In total, Renault has registered over 150 patents for the E-TECH Plug-in engine fitted to the all-new Captur, which is capable of driving up to 28 miles (45 kilometres) at speeds of up to 83 mph (135 km/h) in pure electric mode. Owners can use the car for daily trips without consuming any petrol, while longer weekend and holiday journeys can be undertaken without any range anxiety. What’s more, thanks to its specially designed system and continuous energy regeneration capability of its two electric motors, the Captur always retains enough charge in its 9.8kWh battery to move away and run at low speeds in electric mode, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

The system is similar to that fitted to the New Clio E-TECH, meaning it features a braking system taken directly from the electric vehicle class. This means it allows a maximum of energy to be recovered and returned for rapid self-recharging of the battery, while the strong regenerative braking effect allows a one pedal driving technique, further boosting efficiency.

The electric part of the drivetrain is linked to a new 1.6-litre petrol engine, which has been reworked especially for this application and is equipped with a particle filter to reduce harmful emissions. It also features an innovative multimode continuously variable gearbox for smooth and seamless operation.

As for charging, the Captur gets Mode 2-compatible charging plug for domestic sockets and a Mode 3 plug for charging stations.


Blue dCi 95 and 115
The All-New Captur offers two diesel options suitable for the highest mileage drivers. The 1.5 Blue dCi engine has been improved to meet the new emission control standards with the inclusion of a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and is available in two guises: a 94 bhp version with 177 ft lb and a 6-speed manual gearbox, and a 113 bhp version with 192 ft lb and the option of either a 6-speed manual gearbox or EDC 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with steering wheel gearshift paddles.

The All-New Renault Captur is built on the new CMF-B modular platform, which was first developed in 2014 at the Technocentre in Guyancourt. There were many targets for the new platform, including improved safety, efficiency, refinement and technology integration.

CMF stands for Common Module Family and it comprises 85 per cent new parts compared with the platform of the previous-generation Captur. CMF-B was designed from the outset to accommodate the E-TECH Plug-in drivetrain.

Renault says that with the new electric and electronic architecture of the CMF-B platform, the Captur is available with the most extensive range of equipment and advanced driver assistance systems in the class, including a front camera and radar, to the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion adaptive cruise control, a first in this class.

The CMF-B architecture is also lighter than before, particularly on the bodywork and suspension, while an underbody fairing that improves the aerodynamic performance with a Cx reduction of 20 thousandths. The new Captur also offers greater refinement thanks to the insulation of the engine compartment, with an improvement of between 1.5 to 2 dB at speeds of up to 80 mph.

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