Hyundai’s hydrogen hand over

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H_1709Hyundai Motor UK has today officially handed over an example of the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), the ix35 Fuel Cell, to global diversified mining business Anglo American – the world’s leading producer of platinum (a key ingredient in FCEV technology).

The handover took place at a brand new hydrogen refueling station at Sainsbury’s supermarket in Hendon, which is the latest Smart Fuel®Hydrogen Fuelling facility to be built within the UK by leading hydrogen supplier, Air Products. Headquartered in London, Anglo American will use its hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell for general business use and special events.

“As society adopts ever more challenging emissions targets, we expect the use of zero emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to increase significantly. We are actively supporting the development of this new technology, which will stimulate future demand for platinum, which is a key ingredient to this innovative vehicle technology,” Andrew Hinkly, Executive Head of Marketing, Anglo American Platinum.

Robin Hayles, Sustainable Fuel Development Manager, Hyundai UK, commented: “Anglo American is an important customer for Hyundai and one of the first outside of the hydrogen industry. The company understands the need to promote Fuel Cell as a viable alternative to internal combustion and increase the demand for this clean and sustainable technology.”

The official handover to Anglo American takes place just weeks after Hyundai Motor UK announced official pricing for ix35 Fuel Cell – £53,105 OTR, which includes part-funding from the Europe-wide HyFive project.

The handover also follows the announcement of the British Government’s £6.6 million investment in the UK’s hydrogen infrastructure. The investment will see an initial network of 12 hydrogen refueling stations, including a pledge to fund the construction of two new stations in the Greater London area, a new mobile refueling station for the south of England and upgrades to existing stations in Sheffield, Swindon, Wales and London.

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell electric vehicle and has been sold through central Hyundai channels to selected trial partners since 2013. Already on the road in 15 countries around the world, including 11 in Europe, ix35 Fuel Cell demonstrates the brand’s technical expertise and commitment to ultra-low emission motoring.

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