New V6 diesels for the Volkswagen Amorak

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96862vwcv_New_Amarok_04Volkswagen is fitting its latest generation of V6 engines to the Amorak pick-up. The company says this makes it the only model in its segment with a high-performance V6 turbodiesel. The new engines provide up to 221 bhp, and 406 lb ft of torque.

The top-of-the-line six-cylinder engine produces its maximum torque at only 1,500 rpm. The highest gear’s long ratio in the manual or 8-speed automatic gearbox reduces revs and fuel consumption during consistently fast driving, and also helps ensure low noise levels and CO2 emissions. The combined NEDC fuel consumption of the new Amarok with 221 bhp and 8-speed automatic gearbox is expected to be 7.6 litres/100 km (around 37 mpg). This corresponds to a new top level of 199 grams CO2/km.

96862vwcv_New_Amarok_01The new 3.0-litre TDI engine will be available in three output levels: 161 bhp, 201 bhp and 221 bhp. All engines comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard. The most powerful engine variant will be offered first.

Three different drive-system versions will be offered in line with the respective engine variants: traditional rear-wheel drive, a 4MOTION version with either rear-wheel drive and an engageable front axle in combination with a manual gearbox, or a permanent all-wheel drive system and a Torsen differential with the 8-speed automatic gearbox. The Servotronic steering system is new in the Amarok and will be available as standard equipment in Europe.

Other upgrades include improved brakes and changes to interior and exterior trim.

The new model is expected to go on sale in the UK before the end of 2016.

3 Responses

  1. Dear sir/madam,
    Thank you for a great article!
    I am a serious VW/AUDI-fanatic and appreciate the opportunity to raise my concern about the double standards regarding the CO2-emissions in the USA*! The so-called VW `diesel-scandal` is a `sick-joke` in order to give VW a bad name in the States!
    I sincerely hope and trust their `emissions-board` will be satisfied with the new top level of 199 grams CO2/km*!!!
    I thank you for your time! Keep-well and take-care, sir/madam!
    Kind regards
    Gerhard Meyer
    Cape Town
    South Africa

  2. The issue is not CO2, it is the toxic exhaust gas emission of Nox which is the issue.
    As for double standards and blackening of name of VW the culprit is VW itself, having been found out for engaging in acriminal act “the software defeat device” to permit the sale of non-compliant toxic diesels vehicles in the USA market.

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