TomTom talks traffic

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040913tomtTomTom today released the latest version of TomTom Traffic, the most precise, real-time traffic information available. TomTom Traffic now includes an innovative ‘Jam Ahead Warning’ feature, which pinpoints the precise location of a traffic jam and sends an early-warning alert so that drivers can safely reduce their speed.

Available automatically to all existing users, TomTom Traffic also includes new features that further improve routing accuracy. TomTom Traffic now detects road closures and road works automatically on more roads.  A new ‘Predictive Flow Feed’ can more accurately predict congestion on a driver’s route and further improve the fastest route recommendation and ETA.

“We continue to make TomTom Traffic even more powerful and precise with every new release,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of TomTom Traffic. “This latest version of TomTom Traffic is now so accurate it can pinpoint the precise location of a traffic jam.

“The new Jam Ahead Warning feature shows drivers in advance exactly where a traffic jam is located and crucially alerts them to slow down if they are travelling too fast. By giving drivers advanced knowledge about the road up ahead, we aim to make journeys safer and more predictable.”

New to TomTom Traffic

Jam Ahead Warning

The risk of accidents from sudden braking when drivers approach the back of a slow-moving traffic jam is well recognised.  TomTom uses its unrivalled ability to pinpoint the back of the traffic queue and the speed of the traffic to provide an extra alert if the driver is travelling too fast towards traffic congestion.

In a survey released by TomTom this week of over 1,500 British motorists, 44% say they’ve had to brake sharply because of a sudden traffic jam ahead.  Nearly one in four (22%) claim the car behind has driven into the back of their vehicle when they’ve had to brake suddenly because of traffic.

With slamming on the brakes causing 7% of road accidents in the UK, it is estimated that driving too close to the car in front costs the economy just over £1 billion a year.

Whilst 58% of British drivers claim they always leave the required stopping distance between their car and the one in front, only 44% knew the correct distance at 60 mph (240 feet) – with 56% either under-estimating it or admitting they didn’t know.

Awareness of the stopping distance at 30 mph (75 feet) was even worse, with only 35% getting it right and 65% putting themselves and others at risk by under-estimating it or not knowing.

Despite these findings, a staggering 90% think they have the necessary skills to be able to judge speed and distance accurately whilst driving.

Sixty per cent of UK drivers said they would be either interested or very interested in a product that gave them an early alert about unexpected traffic jams to enable them to slow down in time.

Road Closure Detection

The automatic detection of road closures is now extended and includes major secondary roads as well as highways.  This improves the accuracy of routing and helps road users save time and fuel from unexpected diversions.

Road Works Detection

The latest version of TomTom Traffic accurately detects road works on highways, enabling drivers to adapt their journeys to avoid delays or adjust their journey times.

Predictive Flow Feed

For the first time, navigation application providers, automotive partners and government departments will be able to predict congestion ahead and forecast the anticipated speed that will be driven through busy routes. This automatically improves the fastest route calculation and ETA.



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