Vauxhall reveals all-new Insignia Grand Sport

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a304439Vauxhall has released the first pictures of the all-new Insignia, known as the Insignia Grand Sport, which will receive its world premiere at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March.

Following on from the previous generation, which sold over 30,000 in the UK last year, the Insignia Grand Sport is based on a completely new vehicle architecture. Its revised proportions result in a more spacious interior, giving the car, as Vauxhall describes it, a more athletic appearance and an improved road stance, including a Cd figure of just 0.26.

Optimised packaging and the use of lightweight materials have helped cut the weight by up to 175kg, and there are high-tech features such as the ultra-modern all-wheel-drive system with torque vectoring and the new eight-speed automatic transmission. Next generation IntelliLux LED matrix lighting, Lane Keep Assist, Head-up Display and unique AGR-certified premium seats, front- and rear-seat heating and a heated windshield are further examples. There’s also the latest generation IntelliLink systems and Vauxhall OnStar.

The Insignia Grand Sport is also the first Vauxhall with an active aluminium bonnet, claimed to improve pedestrian protection considerably.

“Vauxhall is raising its game even further with the launch of the new Insignia Grand Sport,” said Rory Harvey, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director. “It has all of the virtues of its successful smaller brother the Astra, and takes those to a higher level. The Insignia Grand Sport will set new standards for design, efficiency, technology and connectivity when it debuts next year at the Geneva Motor Show.”

The Monza Concept was the inspiration behind the interior and exterior design of the Insignia Grand Sport.

Despite a largely unchanged length compared to its predecessor, the new generation car has managed to shed around 60kg of weight from its body-in-white alone. In total, the new car weighs up to 175kg less than the outgoing model.

Its roof is 29mm lower and its track has increased by 11mm. The overhangs have been reduced considerably and the wheelbase enlarged by 92mm.

a304444The prominent grille and the slim-line headlamps are designed to enhance the wide horizontal design of the front end and provide it with a bold appearance. The grille sits lower than on the outgoing model.

“In its proportions as well as in each detail, we wanted the new Insignia Grand Sport to deliver an upscale quality feel,” said Brit Mark Adams, Vauxhall/Opel Vice President Design Europe. “Its design combines flowing lines and subtle surfaces with crisp, precise lines to exaggerate its dramatic proportions: it looks longer, lower and wider than it actually is, and it definitely looks upscale. Every design feature conveys technical know-how and the utmost precision. The new Insignia Grand Sport is an excellent value proposition with the aura of a car from the premium, upper class.”

The Insignia Grand Sport will be available with a wide range of turbocharged engines and transmissions when it is officially launched next year. The eight-speed automatic transmission is new to the line-up.

In the new all-wheel drive system, two electrically controlled multi-plate clutches replace the rear axle differential. For the first time, it will provide an all-wheel drive Vauxhall with torque vectoring. The vehicle receives steering impulses via the active, controlled torque distribution to the individual wheel. For example, when cornering, additional torque is transmitted to the outside rear wheel, enabling the Insignia Grand Sport to corner more precisely. The system reacts within a split-second when the accelerator is pressed, keeping the car more stable and easier to control.

The FlexRide chassis provides the basis for optimal, situation-based driving behaviour. It adapts the dampers, steering, throttle response and shift points (on automatics) independently or based on the modes ‘Standard’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Tour’, which can be selected by the driver. Depending on the selected mode, steering and throttle response are more direct and the ESP anti-skid system intervenes earlier or later. The new central ‘Drive Mode Control’ software is the heart and soul of the adaptive chassis. It continuously analyses the information provided by the sensors and settings and recognises the individual driving style.

Driver assistance systems include:

Head-up-Display: Information on speed, traffic signs, set speed of speed limiter or navigation direction is projected onto the windscreen and in the driver’s direct line of sight ensuring that the eyes remain on the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which measures the distance to vehicle in front and adapts the speed accordingly. ACC will initiate automatic emergency braking if the distance decreases abruptly.

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning. Provides gentle steering wheel movements (and LDW alerts if necessary) to help drivers avoid accidents due to unintentionally drifting out of their lane.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert. The system uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to detect objects coming from up to 20 meters at 90 degrees from the left or right side behind the vehicle.

Entertainment and connectivity are provided by the latest Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible IntelliLink systems. Vauxhall OnStar is also on board, offering services ranging from Automatic Crash Response to Stolen Vehicle Assistance. A new concierge service will be launched together with the Insignia Grand Sport, enabling its occupants to ask OnStar advisors to select a hotel and proceed to room reservation. Furthermore, up to seven devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi Hotspot.

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