Wraps come off the Alfa Romeo Giulia

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Alfa Romeo Giulia sideThe new full Alfa Romeo Giulia range has been revealed for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show and it embodies all the core elements which have made the Italian company one of the world’s best-loved automotive brands – distinctive design, innovative powertrains, unique technical solutions and the best weight-to-power ratio.

Alfa Romeo Giulia rearWhilst the flagship Quadrifoglio version of the car has already been seen, this was the first glimpse at the slightly more toned-down saloons that are sure to be the most popular with buyers. The taut proportions of the Giulia have evolved from its all-new rear-wheel drive architecture which bestows the car with short overhangs, a long bonnet, muscular haunches and the longest wheelbase in its segment. And there are four all-new engines to power the Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon. The 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine is the first diesel unit in Alfa Romeo’s history made entirely of aluminium. Two versions will be available, one which produces 150bhp at 4,000rpm and 280lb/ft at 1,500rpm, and the other with 180bhp available at 3,750rpm and 331lb/ft at 1,750rpm. There is also the option of a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine and 2.9-litre BiTurbo petrol engine.

Alfa Romeo Giulia profileA new eight speed automatic transmission also makes its debut on the car, linked to the Alfa Romeo DNA specifically tuned to deliver a comfortable and efficient-oriented drive when the car is in Natural and Advanced Efficiency mode, but still deliver exhilarating responsiveness and driver control when in Dynamic and Race (Quadrifoglio only) modes either when left in automatic mode or when the driver choses to shift manually via the selector or steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters.

The cabin design of the Giulia is every bit as crisp and clean as the exterior and, crucially, it is centred around the driver with the main controls grouped together on the small steering wheel. The human-machine interface consists of two simple, user-friendly knobs for adjusting the Alfa DNA selector and the infotainment system. Premium materials, including carbon fibre and real wood, are chosen for their visual and tactile pleasantness and assembled in such a way to make the human touch visible. Depending on the trim level, a 3.5-inch or seven-inch colour instrument display offers the driver all the essential information about the car at-a-glance. Organised in four screenshots, the information on display changes according to the DNA mode selected by the driver, offering a variety of readings including lateral acceleration, fuel consumption and suggested gear shift points.

The new Giulia is available with the very best in terms of driving assistance currently on the market, including Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Brake with pedestrian protection, Adaptive Cruise Control (optional), Lane Departure Warning and Blind-Spot Monitoring (optional).

The car will go on sale in the UK in September with pricing and final UK specifications announced closer to the car’s launch.

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