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Persistent pongs

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dr Persistent pongs - 2Quick enquiry Doctor. I’ve recently bought a used Volvo estate car cheaply from a friend who used to breed big dogs. Bad move maybe, depending on whether or not you can offer me some good advice on how to get rid of some persistent pongs that mostly seem to be general ìdoggyî smells, probably including some urine, and most likely some vomit. I think I must have had a heavy cold when I test drove the car. Conventional deep upholstery cleaning has removed most of the stains, but the distinctly indelicate aroma still persists! Hope you can help!

Laura Green

Phew Laura ñ I can almost smell it from here! I do have a bit of history on this front (I don’t mean of vomiting or otherwise leaking liquid in cars) and I do know that conventional cleaning often doesn’t cure such persistent smells. What you need is a product containing some biodigesting enzymes. Valet Pro ìEnzyme Odour Eaterî is a wide spectrum product at only £5.95 plus postage and packaging for a 500ml spray, whilst another company called Aromarite offers a wide range of smell and stain specific products, as does another supplier Powair. I’ve no user feedback on these, I’m afraid, but I’m sure that one of them will solve your problems.

Doctor D

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  1. I have had a similar thing, only the car was previously owned by a heavy smoker. Have a look on ebay or Amazon for an aerosol called a Dakota Odour bomb. You basically set the thing off in the car and leave the doors and windows shut for as long as you can so that the chemicals cam permeate every surface. I tried one and they work very well indeed.

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