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2019 Diesel Car & Eco Car Used Car Top 50 – Honda’s CR-V is in position 11

The Honda CR-V is in 11th place

Our team of second-hand car experts have deliberated over more than 750 secondhand cars, reducing that number down to just 50 of the very best used motors on the market today. Here we announce the ultimate guide to cars that buyers simply cannot miss in the 2019 DieselCar & EcoCar Used Car Top 50. The British-made Honda CR-V (2012 to 2018) comes in at number 11.

“The popularity of the British-built CR-V makes it one of the world’s favourite SUVs. It might not be very flash – apart from the odd strip of chrome trim – however this boxy utility vehicle is smooth riding, boasts quiet 1.6- or 2.2-litre i-DTEC diesel engines and is as reliable as anything. It’s very practical, too, with a massive boot and ‘magic’ rear seats that flip up to create a large loading area behind the front seats. Its infotainment system is a bit clunky, but the interior feels sturdy enough to cope with family life.”

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