2019 Diesel Car & Eco Car Used Car Top 50 – Toyota’s RAV4 commandeers 33rd place

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The Toyota RAV4 is in 33rd place

Our team of second-hand car experts have deliberated over more than 750 secondhand cars, reducing that number down to just 50 of the very best used motors on the market today. Here we announce the ultimate guide to cars that buyers simply cannot miss in the 2019 DieselCar & EcoCar Used Car Top 50. The Toyota RAV4 is in 33rd position in this year’s rundown.

“The RAV4 might have grown over the years, but it’s stayed true to Toyota’s original brief, offering car-like handling and running costs but with SUV style and a raised seating position. We wish it was a bit more stylish, but as a used purchase you can’t argue with its reputation for reliability and the fact that many examples are still covered by the original five-year warranty. Its 2.0-litre diesel engine is a solid performer and hybrid versions are much sought after.”

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