Bring back: The Skoda Fabia vRS

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In a new feature for Diesel Car, we look at the cars that are no longer with us and call for their return. First up we say bring back the Skoda Fabia vRS

What was it? 
autowp.ru_skoda_fabia_vrs_special_edition_9The Fabia vRS was the high-performance version of the Skoda Fabia supermini. While there are plenty of hot hatch superminis about, what made the vRS special was that it was available exclusively as a diesel. It used the VW Group 1.9-litre TDi unit, developing 129bhp and an impressive 229lb ft of torque.

When was it on sale? 
autowp.ru_skoda_fabia_vrs_special_edition_3The Fabia vRS arrived in 2003 and production lasted four years, with the last examples built in March 2007. The end of production coincided with the launch of the Fabia vRS Special Edition, with 1,000 made. It featured uniquely numbered seats, red brake calipers, cruise control, privacy glass and a six-disc CD autochanger, and was finished exclusively in metallic Race Blue.

Why was it so good? 
autowp.ru_skoda_fabia_vrs_special_edition_11It was quick and quirky. The Fabia weighed relatively little and with all that torque on offer, it was a true hot hatch. And since it was diesel-only, it was unique. It was quicker and cheaper than some well-established rivals, such as the MINI Cooper. Around 12,000 examples were sold in the UK during its production run.

Will we see it again?
autowp.ru_skoda_fabia_vrs_special_edition_8Doubt it. The petrol-powered Fabia vRS hasn’t been a strong seller in the Fabia range, and so publicly Skoda has said that a vRS version of the next generation Fabia is unlikely. The company believes that the future lies in cars like the Fabia Monte Carlo instead.

One Response

  1. I have owned an 06 vrs fabia for 6 years now, covered 48,000 miles and absolutley love this wee car, cheap to run, 50mpg and great fun to drive, the torque makes it feel much faster than it actually is. Good spec, with nice little vrs touches & with a few subtle mods it is a tidy looking car. Do not know what i will ever replace it with.It simply is the best alround car i have ever owned.Bring back the diesel vrs!!
    Even if they put a good quick diesel engine in the Monte carlo??
    I think it’s a tidy looking wee car

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