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Gadget Inspector

All the latest and greatest products brought to you by our resident Gadget Inspector

No more snoozing at the wheel with the Anti Sleep Pilot

Anti Sleep Pilot


Price:  £129.95

Have you ever been driving and felt your eyes closing, or worse, fallen asleep at the wheel? Well according to a Department for Transport report, evidence suggests that driver fatigue may be a factor in as many as 20 per cent of all road accidents around the world. Horrifying figures, and that’s why the Anti Sleep Pilot is a real must for people that regularly drive at night, after a large lunch, have trouble sleeping at night, or regularly cover long distances behind the wheel. Anti-fatigue warning systems are starting to be fitted to new cars now, but what if your car doesn’t come with it – there’s a solution, with this aftermarket device. It’s easily mounted to the dashboard of any car, thanks to a self adhesive magnetic disc and monitors the length of time that has been driven, the time of the day and the reaction times to simple tests. All in all, 26 scientifically validated parameters calculate whether a driver is too tired to continue driving or not, giving advance warning of a problem. If it detects that a break is required, both a visual and sound signal is given, so that the driver can pull over and have some rest. A simple configuration that anyone can complete is required prior to the unit’s first use, including a short questionnaire to establish what risk setting the unit needs to be programmed to.

The Anti Sleep Pilot is available now to buy from Amazon or online at www.antisleeppilot.com and costs £129.95.

Heavyweight jumper: the Clarke JS5IN1 is essential emergency kit

Clarke JS5IN1 5 in 1 Jump Start


0844 880 1250

Price: £107.98 including VAT

If you like to plan for any eventuality, then this Clarke JS5IN1 heavy duty emergency power source will be right up your street. Portable and easy to tuck inside the boot of your car, it’s able to jump start diesel engines up to 2.5 litres and has an in-built compressor for pumping up tyres, or even air beds. The unit also has an inverter that can deliver 300 watts of power via a standard three-pin mains socket, as well as two 12 volt power outlets and a pair of five volt USB charging outlets. It really does cater for all your needs when on the move. To top it off, there’s also a powerful seven LED lamp which can help to illuminate areas in poor light. What’s more, all of the functions are housed in a strong rubberised box that is designed to fend off minor knocks. The unit is priced at £107.98 including VAT, and is available to order online from Machine Mart at www.machinemart.co.uk or by telephone on 0844 880 1250. You can even call into one of the 57 Machine Mart stores up and down the country.

Wot, no water? Triplewax Waterless Wash and Shine will leave your vehicle sparkling

Triplewax Waterless Wash and Shine


Price: £8.49 for one-litre bottle

With summer upon us, and threats of droughts in some areas of the country, it’s perfect timing for Triplewax to announce its new Waterless Wash and Shine product. Yes, that’s right – you can clean your car without having to fill up buckets of water, unravel the hose, or pick bits out of the moth eaten sponge you’ve been keeping in the garage all winter.

All you need are two clean cloths and Triplewax’s innovative new product. You can use it just like any other car cleaning products, on the glass, wheels, bumpers and bodywork, cutting through dirt and leaving the car clean in around 15 minutes. It features an easy to use trigger action spray, where you squirt the solution onto the car, wiping with a cloth to remove all the dirt and dust. Another cloth is used to polish the paintwork to get a good shine. The Triplewax Waterless Wash and Shine is available from all good motoring shops and is priced at £8.49. The one-litre bottle can clean up to ten average sized cars.

Bells and whistles: the TomTom GO LIVE 825 Europe offers every feature you could wish for

TomTom GO LIVE 825 Europe


Price: £229.99

If you’re the kind of person that likes all the bells and whistles on a gadget, then the new TomTom GO LIVE 825 Europe is the satellite navigation unit for you. Not only does it come with a year’s subscription to TomTom’s Live services, it also delivers up to date traffic information direct to the device every two minutes – around seven times more frequently than other units. HD Traffic as it is called gives detailed reports on the reason for the incident, length of the delay, as well as offering an alternative route. The Live services also includes alerts for both fixed and mobile speed cameras, and a Local Search function gives information on local shops and businesses – handy if you’re a long way from home. The unit even helps you avoid getting caught up in foul weather, with a local and five-day forecast delivered direct to the device. As you would expect on a premium unit like this, Bluetooth mobile phone hands-free connectivity comes as standard, as well as voice control to make it easier to programme destinations. The screen is also larger than most competitors, with a five-inch touch screen as standard, and the maps cover both the UK and Europe. The TomTom Go Live 825 Europe is priced at £229.99 and is available from Dixons, Amazon and other electrical retailers, or direct from TomTom at www.tomtom.com.

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