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TomTom Voice – Stephen Fry

Have you bought yourself a TomTom satellite navigation unit, but are fed up with the voice barking instructions at you? Well TomTom has come up with a solution, as you can download different voices to suit your mood. QI presenter Stephen Fry is the latest voice to be added to the line-up, boasting one line quips in addition to the navigation instructions. You can listen to the voices before you buy at www.tomtom.com/en_gb/products/voices/stephen-fry/index.jsp or discover a whole range of alternative voices including Homer Simpson, Roger Moore, Jeremy Clarkson, Bugs Bunny or Brian Blessed. There’s even a range of Star Wars themed voices that includes Yoda, Han Solo and Darth Vader. All of the different voices cost £7.95 each and can be downloaded from the TomTom website.


Price: £7.95


SMMT Towing and the Law Guide

We all know that diesel cars make the best tow vehicles, but are you up on the intricacies of the law? The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has just launched the sixth edition of its Towing and the Law Guide, designed to help anyone that tows anything weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. The first edition was published as far back as 1950, and since then more than 300,000 copies have been sold in the last ten years alone. The 36 page booklet is especially designed for anyone that tows a trailer, caravan, horse box, or boat, or perhaps more exotic cargo, and even covers travelling abroad. It’s priced at £6.00 plus postage and packaging and is available now.


Price: £6.00 plus P&P


One-litre CarPlan EcoCar Concentrated Screenwash

With the weather at this time of the year at its foulest, it’s important to make sure that your washer fluid reservoir is topped up to the brim. CarPlan’s EcoCar Screenwash is made using the finest eco-friendly materials including high levels of natural alcohols, coconut detergents and extracts of lime and cedarwood. These ingredients mixed together ensure that your windows are cleaned every time, and kept free of dirt and grime and dead bugs, also ensuring a streak-free finish. And rather importantly at this time of year, it’ll also provide protection in the coldest of temperatures, right the way down to minus 10 degrees Celsius. The CarPlan EcoCar Concentrated Screenwash comes in a one-litre bottle and costs £6.39. It’s available to buy from Amazon and all good motor factors.


Price: £6.39


Ford USB Music Box

Technology moves on so quickly, but if you don’t keep up to date, you can find yourself way behind. Ford’s USB Music Box is designed to be retro-fitted to a wide range of Ford vehicles, so you can listen to your favourite music on the move. Connecting your MP3 player can often mean a trail of wires dangling all around the cabin, however, this smart aftermarket device consists of a USB socket which can be mounted out of sight from prying eyes in the glovebox, centre console or even the armrest. Any USB stick, mobile phone or MP3 player can be connected to the socket, playing the music through the Aux channel on the car’s audio system. There’s even the advantage of being able to skip tracks using the steering wheel controls. But the beauty of it all is thanks to the simple plug and play wiring, which can be fitted in under an hour. If you don’t feel proficient at doing it yourself, though, any Ford main dealer will be able to fit it for you, for an additional charge. The Ford USB Music Box is available to order now from your local Ford main dealer at a price of £82.99 inclusive of VAT.

The list of models the device is compatible with includes:

  • Fiesta – 2006 to 2008
  • Fusion – 2006 onwards
  • Focus – 2004 to 2011
  • C-MAX – 2003 to 2010
  • Kuga – 2008 onwards
  • Mondeo – 2004 onwards
  • S-MAX – 2006 onwards
  • Galaxy – 2006 onwards
  • Transit Connect – 2006 onwards
  • Transit – 2006 onwards


Price: £82.99 

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