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All the latest and greatest products brought to you by our resident Gadget Inspector

Clamping down: the Frost Brake Hose Clamp

Frost Brake Hose Clamp


01706 758258

£5.62 inclusive of VAT

With the summer drawing to a close, it may be time for you to do all those little jobs on the car that you’ve put off, so you could watch Wimbledon on the television, or perhaps see England get beaten at cricket. This tool is not only cheap, but is extremely handy and pinches flexible hoses without actually causing any damage. It’ll clamp onto a hose up to 19 millimetres thick, or three-quarters of an inch in old money, and is perfect if you want to work on the fuel or brake lines, the radiator, heater, or even washer systems. It’s available direct from Frost at www.frost.co.uk or by telephone on 01706 758258 and costs £5.62 inclusive of VAT. Postage and packaging costs £5.95, or free if you spend over £75 in one transaction.

Cool campers: the life-sized VW Campervan tent

VW Campervan tent


0844 870 2706


Are you back from your camping holidays and the kids won’t shut up about how good the trip was. Why not replicate the experience in your own back garden with a rather funky looking tent based on the design of the original 1965 Volkswagen Campervan. It certainly costs less than the real thing at £229.99, but is just as spacious as it’s a 1:1 scale copy. There’s enough space for four adults to sleep in comfort, in two zip separated rooms, and you can pitch it in places that a real campervan couldn’t get to. It’s available to order online now from www.homegardenliving.co.uk or by telephone on 0844 870 2706, in a choice of three colours – yellow, red and blue.

Get your tyres back to black with Dodo Juice Tyromania

Dodo Juice Tyromania


£5.95 (30ml), £19.95 (180ml)

If you’re a fan of supporting products that are made in the UK, then Dodo Juice’s new tyre wax may be the product for you. Made from a blend of orange oil and carnauba wax, Tyromania is applied to the sidewalls of your tyres, is water repellent, and gives a natural matt black finish. If you prefer a shinier look, you only need to leave it to dry, then buff the wax coating using a water mist and a micro-fibre towel. And that’s not its only use – it works just as well on black plastic trim, lasting up to three months. A 30ml mini jar costs £5.95 and can treat up to a couple of sets of tyres, while the larger 180ml container costs £19.95 – including a foam applicator pad. Dodo Juice is available online at www.dodojuice.com or at specialist sellers.

High fidelity: the Clarion is perfect for audiophiles

Clarion NX501E and NZ501E


01793 859560

Price: £899.00

The 61 plate cars are out this month, but you don’t need to splash out on a brand new car to make yourself feel good. Instead, you could upgrade your in-car audio, at a fraction of the price. It’s quite an opportune time for Clarion to release its new NZ501E single-DIN sized unit with motorised screen, and NX501E double-din unit, both featuring a 4x50W integrated amplifier. The pair includes an integrated radio and satellite navigation, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity for your mobile phone and for music streaming and the facility to play CDs, and DVDs, as well as MP3, AAC and WMA files.

The satellite navigation covers 44 countries, with the maps stored on an 8GB microSD card, with the ability to download extra maps and point of interests. Also Clarion guarantee that you’ll have the latest mapping when you buy the unit, with a free download of the most up to date maps when you register the product. With a high-resolution screen, there’s even the option of linking the unit up to a rear reversing camera, at extra cost, making manoeuvring your vehicle safer and easier.

Both the NX501E and NZ501E are available to buy now at a retail price of £899. Log onto www.clarion.co.uk for more details, or call 01793 859560.

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