Top 3 low-cost convertibles

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Now that summer is finally here there’s never been a better time to hit the road in a convertible. Sunroofs are great, and aircon is a must-have but there’s no better feeling than hitting the road in an open-top motor. With this is mind, Diesel Car selects its top three affordable drop-tops. 

autowp.ru_volkswagen_eos_uk-spec_11. Volkswagen Eos
Starting from as little as £5,000, the VW Eos has a lot going for it. It’s well built and packs VW’s excellent TDI engine, plus it’s that little bit different.  It’s well refined, comfortable and spacious, with room for four. A great choice for some summer fun.

autowp.ru_peugeot_206_cc_352. Peugeot 206CC
Peugeot convertibles have always been pretty and the 206CC continued that trend, adding a wonderfully styled steel folding roof. The 1.6 HDi engine is frugal if a little lacking in refinement. Today, the pretty Peugeot can be had for as little as £2,500 which represents tremendous value for money.

alfa_romeo_spider_393. Alfa Romeo Spider
If you love cars, you love Alfa Romeo. The slinky Spider is nothing short of beautiful and with the JTD lump under the bonnet, it’s economical. The interior is a wonderful place to be, and the entire experience is impressively refined, even with the top dropped. Around £8,000 will put one on your driveway and you’ll never look back…

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