Top 3 Diesel Fails

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Sometimes you can’t help but laugh at other peoples misfortunes. We might not admit it, but we’ve all done it, be it a belly laugh or a sly chuckle at a mistake someone else might have made. With that in mind, here are Diesel Car’s top three diesel-related fails.

1. Toyota Previa runaway
Not having enough oil in your engine can be bad for it, when it comes to diesel, having too much can be even worse. Here this diesel has been over-filled with oil and the results are disastrous…

2. Stuck in the mud
It’s embarrassing enough to get your car well and truly stuck, but it’s even worse to have someone try and pull you out and fail. When you call for help, make sure they can pull you out…

3. Ford Truck goes bang – in a big way
We’d all like our cars to have a bit more power. But there are limits, engines are built to withstand certain tolerances. Take it too far and things can go very wrong, very quickly…

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