Top 5: Luxury Cars

Big comfortable cruisers have always appealed. Well equipped and luxurious there are plenty of reasons to fall for a luxury barge. Here’s Diesel Car’s Top 5

Audi A8
63052audIgnore for a moment that the A8 looks like a resized A4 and consider it as an overal package. With a choice of either a 3.2 or 4.0 TDi, the Audi A8 packs a huge punch. Audi’s interior qualities are tough to match and the Audi brand has an appeal that few can rival in the UK today.

BMW 7 Series
P90093583_highResThe 7 Series has some heavy-weight opposition to tackle but it does an impressive job of fitting it’s corner. With a first-rate interior, packed full of top-notch tech as well as smooth, refined engines it’s a comfortable car to be driven in while managing to retain many of the driving characteristics people have come to expect from a BMW. A tough balance to strike but the 7 Series manages it .

Mercedes-Benz S Class
s_class_024If there’s one company that knows the luxury market, it’s Mercedes-Benz. The S Class is no different. Combining high-end luxury with cutting-edge technology, it’s little wonder that the S Class is one of the leading lights in this sector. Big, comfortable, luxurios and still capable of delivering in excess of 40mpg. Now that’s impressive.

Porsche Panamera
63855-b-por1Many people scoffed at the idea of a four door Porsche. However with the Panamera the German company seems to have once again proved everybody wrong. Retaining all the desirability of cars like the legendary 911 the Panamera adds the levels of luxury you’d expect from the Cayenne. The best of both Porsche worlds, then…

Jaguar XJ
JAG_XJ_240812_060Jaguar can do no wrong at the moment as the whole company continues to enjoy continued growth right across the globe. The XJ is testament to that improvement. Power comes from a 3.0 V6 diesel, giving a 0-60 time of six seconds and an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph. The XJ is a wonderful combination of modern styling and everything people have to come to expect from Jaguar.

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