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Web01Filling up your tank with the wrong fuel isn’t just annoying, it’s expensive to get pumped out and if you’ve started the car, could potentially cause serious damage to your engine. Many new cars now come fitted with a misfuelling prevention device, but what happens if you own an older car that doesn’t? Diesel Head, a misfuelling device designed by a British engineer Lee Steadman, has been on the market for some time, but thanks to customer feedback, he has been able to refine the formula further and has now launched an updated version. A new retaining strap means that drivers won’t drive off having left the cap on the roof or by the pump, and a wider aperture cut-out allows the fuel nozzle to fit more comfortably, eradicating the problem that some users found where they couldn’t fully penetrate the fuel inlet pipe. What hasn’t changed is its ability to protect you from filling your diesel car up with petrol. Because a petrol pump has a smaller diameter nozzle than a diesel one, the Diesel Head device won’t activate the opening to allow the nozzle to be inserted. It’s an ingenious device and is made from sturdy cast metal. With a tank of fuel costing more than £50, on average, can you actually afford not to protect yourself from potential disaster. The Sunday Times thinks it’s great, too, as it was chosen as one of its Top 100 gadgets in its tech list. Priced at £39.99 plus £4.99 postage and packaging for the standard unit and £5 extra for a lockable device, it’s available direct from

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device
Telephone 0333 323 4950
Price £39.99 plus £4.99 P&P (Lockable version £49.99)

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