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MPMT.Pack.Nocollar2Many motorists rely on fuel additives to keep the engine running in tip-top condition.

Doctor Diesel certainly swears by it, often recommending a double dose to fend off any sickly symptoms.

Now STP is the latest firm to launch a product called MPMT, which is short for Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment.

The 500ml bottle, which handily includes a screw-on spout, will provide treatment for two cars if used as a fuel additive, which the maker claims can reduce emissions, cleans and conditions the fuel delivery system, gives the engine greater protection and ensures that the engine maximises its efficiency. Bold claims indeed.

But that’s not all, because the formulation includes anti-corrosion agents and water repellants, it can be used as an oil treatment or engine flush, and particularly with engines which are rarely used, or perhaps laid up during the winter months.

Things like classic cars, jet skis, boats and petrol lawn mowers are what the makers have in mind.

It’s available from Halfords, plus all good accessory shops at a price of £9.99 for a 500ml bottle.

Product: STP Multi-purpose motor treatment
Telephone: 0845 602 1995
Price: £9.99

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