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Web01The switch-off of analogue radio may have been put back and back, however, there’s no arguments that DAB digital radio offers a whole breadth of new choices of radio stations that analogue listeners can only dream of. Many people will be put off switching because of the high cost of replacing the audio system in their car, if they can do it at all, but this little black box from DABmotion brings the cost down to £149.99, and right now they are offering free delivery as an added incentive. Everything you need to convert your existing system to DAB digital radio comes in the box, including instructions, a black box interface, remote control and a digital radio antenna. Mounted on the windscreen, the aerial captures the DAB digital radio signal which the black box converts to FM, and then broadcasts it wirelessly to your existing FM radio. Changing channels is easy, using the remote control, and it will retune automatically as you drive along to get the clearest sound. Information like the radio station, song choice and artist will even appear on the radio display, too. The box of magic tricks is small enough to be placed in a glovebox or be hidden behind the dashboard, and the whole system can be installed yourself and powered from a 12 volt socket. It’s Government tick-mark approved, and more detailed information is available at with the kit costing £149.99, delivered to your front door.

DABmotion ROLA DAB radio conversion kit
Price £149.99

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