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K7 Premium Eco Home1The products from Kärcher are legendary in car cleaning circles. Its latest K7 Eco Beast High Pressure Washer is the most environmentally friendly pressure washer yet from the firm and is endorsed by Waterwise.

Compared to the regular garden hose, the Eco Beast will use 50 per cent less water, yet deliver 35 times more power to shift the dirt quicker.

And thanks to the suction hose and filter accessory that comes free, harvested water can be used from a water butt.

But best of all, by flicking a switch, it’ll use 20 per cent less water and 20 per cent less energy.

As well as cleaning cars, the Eco Beast can be used to remove mould, grime, mud and dirt from a wide range of different surfaces including patios, garden furniture and decking.

More information is available at or by calling 01295 752000. It is available from John Lewis and Amazon, as well as other high street retailers.

Product: Kärcher K7 Eco Beast High Pressure Washer
Contact: 01295 752000
Price: £519.99

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