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Revive Bottle and Sprayer-Press copy1Revive, from garage technology experts SP Diagnostics, is a safe, water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable fluid, that uses technology developed for the cleaning and maintenance of aviation jet engines, power station turbines, and marine diesel engines, to improve performance of automotive engines.

Preventative cleans are highly recommended for turbo diesel vehicles fitted with variable geometry turbochargers to help avoid vane sticking.

The 750ml product pack comes with a specially designed pump sprayer/atomiser used to spray Revive into the vehicle’s air intake system before the turbo inlet, while the engine is running, in a three stage treatment.

As Revive fluid passes through the engine system it locks onto built up oily/carbon deposits and breaks away a surface layer. Tiny carbonised particles are then carried away out through the exhaust system, safely passing through catalysts and filters.

By performing three Revive cleaning cycles on the vehicle, carbonised residues are removed gradually, making the engine cleaning process very safe, say SP Diagnostics. Revive can be used on a DIY basis (but you’ll need a helpful assistant) or alternatively a network of Revive-approved garages can do the job for you.

We’ve had reliable test feedback reporting improved low-down torque and fuel economy that has been improved by 2 to 3mpg on our own test vehicle.

A 750ml pack costs £49.95 plus VAT and you can find out where your local stockist is by calling 01225 744144.

Product: Revive turbo cleaner and engine restorer
Telephone: 0844 561 7861
Price: £49.95 plus VAT for 750ml pack

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