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Web03With the wintry weather fast approaching, and the car show season coming to an end, if you’ve got a car that you want to lay up for the winter months, this car cover from Richbrook is the perfect way of protecting it from the elements, whether that’s out on the driveway or in a lock-up or garage. With over 1,000 different types, Richbrook are sure to have a cover for your car with bespoke door mirror pockets and elasticated hems. The material used on the cover is breathable, with non-abrasive properties and is designed to allow dampness and condensation to evaporate quickly, while the exterior of the cover has a special coating that is designed to shed up to 95 per cent of water from the cover’s surface. Extensively tested in both hot and cold weather, the cover is designed for use all year round, and not just the inclement weather that we see at this time of the year. And when it’s time to get the car out of storage, the cover folds down to a small size and weighs less than two kilograms. The cost of the cover is £89.99, with official Ford, MG or Vauxhall branded covers costing £20 extra at £109.99. More information is available online at

Product Richbrook Luxury Tailor Made Car Covers
Telephone 01328 862387
Price £89.99 (Ford, MG, Vauxhall £109.99)

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