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Warm jumper

Web02As soon as the temperatures dip and the cold weather is upon us, it tends to highlight weaknesses in a car’s battery and at the first opportunity goes flat. Or perhaps you’ve been out for the evening and forgot to turn the lights off? Either scenario will traditionally need you to find the release, lift the bonnet and jump start from another car. But which jump lead goes where? A new product from BlueCol is designed to reduce the hassle when you’ve got a flat battery and jump starts the car through its 12-volt socket, commonly referred to as the cigarette lighter on older cars. The Bluecol Car-to-car jumpstart charger has a six-metre cable and a digital display and you simply plug each end into the respective car’s 12-volt socket. You then start the car with the working battery, and then switch on the ignition of the car with the flat battery and wait. Typically it takes around 15 minutes for it to be ready to start, as soon as the digital display shows a steady 20 per cent on the reading. The unit is compact, meaning you can store it in the glovebox and while you’re waiting for the car to be ready to start-up, you can sit in the car, away from the awful weather. Available from Asda supermarkets and other good retailers, the device costs just £17.99.

Bluecol Car-to-car jumpstart charger
Telephone 0161 764 5981
Price £17.99

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