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1L Advanced Poseidon Car Wash - Valet PRO1One of the last attributes that you would think about when talking about car shampoo is the smell.

But this new Advanced Poseidon Car Wash actually has the aroma of lime Starbursts, or Opal Fruits in old money.

But apart from a nice nose, the company’s best selling shampoo is now better than ever, giving improved cleaning power that cuts down on the amount of effort needed to get rid of the dirt from your car.

It’s an all-in-one wash and protection package and dilutes well at just 10 to 20ml for every five litres of water, and that will give you over 500 litres of solution when buying the one-litre bottle – in other words around 75 to 100 cars.

The shampoo is made up of synthetic polymers that will give beading on the paintwork, even after just one wash – perfect for people that have little time to wax their cars, but want their car to look as though they do, but hate the idea of paying someone else to clean the car for them.

And for those that do take extra care of their cars with waxing and polishing, the Advanced Poseidon Car Wash will add an extra protective layer, and won’t undo all the good work.

To find your nearest stockist, log onto A one-litre bottle costs just £9.99 – the cost of visiting your hand car wash twice to clean the outside.

Product: ValetPro Advanced Poseidon Car Wash
Telephone: 01892 277001
Price: £9.99 for 1-litre, £26.99 for 5-litres

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