The Extra Mile

Let’s take something of a drive into the future, and consider the principle of economy driving when cars have become electric, and potentially fully autonomous. Maybe general attitudes will be that electric cars are very efficient and economical, and the energy they use so cheap, that saving fuel won’t really be considered relevant. Range and […]

Lagonda looks to a luxurious all-electric future

Aston Martin has presented its Lagonda Vision Concept at the Geneva show, marking the beginning of a new range of state-of-the-art, emission-free luxury vehicles with production planned to start in 2021. 

Skoda’s Vision for the future

Skoda is taking a big step towards a digital future with the Skoda Vision E study, which is celebrating its European premiere in Frankfurt.

Renault looks to the future with Trezor

Renault has unveiled Trezor at the Paris Show – an all-electric Grand Tourer concept car that blends Renault’s warm, simple and sensual lines with the very latest innovations in interior technology, all-electric powertrain and autonomous driving.

Driving the driverless debate

Motoring is on the brink of a brave new world of driverless cars. Autonomous vehicles are no longer the stuff of science fiction, they are almost here. So who is driving the debate about what happens next? Cue a conference in London hosted by the Association of British Insurers, insurance industry research centre Thatcham, and […]

Autonomous ‘piloted drive’ Qashqai announced

The award-winning Nissan Qashqai crossover will be the company’s first vehicle in Europe to feature autonomous ‘Piloted Drive’ technology when it rolls off the line next year, Nissan announced today. Produced at Nissan’s flagship manufacturing plant in Sunderland, UK, the refreshed Qashqai will be equipped with ‘Piloted Drive 1.0’ a feature that allows cars to drive autonomously and safely in a single lane in heavy traffic conditions on highways.

Nissan presents its vision for the future

Nissan has an ambitious goal of pursuing zero emission vehicles and zero fatalities on the road, and today it revealed its ‘Intelligent Mobility’ vision at the Geneva International Motor Show. Created to guide the Nissan product evolution, Intelligent Mobility will anchor critical company decisions around how cars are powered, how cars are driven, and how cars integrate into society, all while staying focused on creating more enjoyable driving experiences.