Second test   Typically when trawling the motorways, you want a big cosseting car to settle down for the journey ahead. Being at the centre of an automotive cocoon sets you up well for mile-munching without the backache and fatigue. Much to my surprise, our C3 long-termer is proving to be an impressive motorway hauler. […]

Citroën C3 Flair Plus BlueHDi 100

First Test   Motoring journalists are often guilty of getting caught up with the sexier elements of testing a car. Handling prowess and 0-62mph sprints are far more entertaining than talking about what armrest a manufacturer has opted for. However, enthusiasts aside, who really stretches the legs of their Ford Fiesta? In reality, the true […]

Revitalised Citroën C3 at Geneva Motor Show

The new Citroën C3 will make its world debut at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show next month. Having sold almost 3 million examples since the model’s launch in 2002, this already popular model now has fresh features to strengthen and enhance its appeal.