When a takeaway can lead to a ban

Whilst many businesses have unfortunately suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic, some have positively thrived. Online shopping giants like Amazon have reaped the benefits from a population forced to stay at home, and restaurants offering takeaways have also been able to increase their output, particularly via Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats.   Many people with access […]

Highest insurance premiums paid by young and elderly drivers

The Association of British Insurers has published new data today which shows why age is an important factor in deciding premiums for motor insurance policies. The data shows the average premiums that customers of different age groups pay for their car insurance, compared to the cost of the average claim they make.

More than just the Meerkats

While comparison websites are incredibly useful, they can be dull and inspiring, serving up lots of raw information, but little in the way of entertainment. But there’s an exception, www.comparethemarket.com has the adorable Aleksandr, the Meerkat, along with his friends to spice things up. If you surveyed ten people in the street, you can bet that a large proportion would be aware of the innovative campaign.