Audi launches multi-supplier one-card charging for e-tron models

With the help of the new e-tron Charging Service, owners of electrified Audi models can now plug and pay at hundreds of charge points across the UK and Europe with a single tap, and without being encumbered by subscriptions to numerous suppliers. The key to the new service is an RFID card that unlocks access to a sizeable network of charge points operated by 18 companies in the UK – including IONITY, Pod Point, Source London and Instavolt – as well as two attractive fixed tariffs and free roaming abroad, yet generates only one monthly invoice for carriers in the interest of simplicity.

First UK visit for the Volkswagen ID.3 highlights Tesco charging network

Electric car owners could get more than 1,000 miles of free driving per year following the rollout of a complimentary car charging network. Volkswagen announced last year it had partnered with Tesco and Pod Point to install around 2,400 charging points for electric cars. The rollout is well under way – with EV owners at 100 Tesco […]

On a charge

Hi Doc,   Once again, thank you so much for your most informative articles. Martin West’s very interesting letter on batteries etc. was perhaps missing one point. In California, there are a group of Chevrolet Volt owners (a class action) who are presently suing General Motors over the fact that their batteries lost some 27 […]