Jeep axes all but one diesel engine from its Renegade line-up

Jeep is the latest car maker to slim down its diesel model range, with the baby Renegade now consisting of petrol editions, with a diesel Trailhawk model crowning the model range. 4xe Plug-in hybrid variants are scheduled to join the line-up, too, later this year.

The Extra Mile

It’s a challenging time for diesel owners, assaulted regularly as we are in the media, and by the medical experts, for the noxious gases that our engines emit, and threatened with exclusion from city centres, or with heavy charges whenever we might need to enter them. So there is undeniable pressure to consider alternative power […]

Why it might be time to dig out your old steering wheel lock

You might think that, in this age of alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices, the humble steering wheel lock is like a relic from motoring of days gone by. But youíd be wrong, because sales of the devices doubled in 2017, as motorists took an old-school approach to solve a very modern problem.   After years […]

Don’t let your canine put you in the dog house

Temperatures are plummeting, and rather than walk to the shops, itís much easier (and warmer) to simply jump in the car. If youíre a dog owner, is it a good idea to take them along for the journey with you?  Dogs, like their human best friend, are accustomed to having a seat in the car, […]